Adobe Acrobat Pro DC review

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC review

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC has a vast history on the market of PDF editor. This tool has its own ups and downs; however, it is ultimately managed to retain a position as it is one of the best PDF editors in the market.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC has lots of features on the place ad even though it can be a bit too much for a beginner.

The tool is still amazing for those who know how to easily take advantage of what it has to offer.

If you need a simple and straightforward pdf editor for very small operations, this should not be your choice, however if you need a serious tool having various advanced features then Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is right choice for you.

Pros and Cons of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC


  1. Support for advanced operations like encryption
  2. Polished, responsive interface
  3. Lots of features


  1. May or may not be best for the beginners because of its extraordinary features and interface.

PDF editors have a huge market and most user groups which are constantly looking for specific users.

If you have used a PDF editor in the past then you must have noticed the huge range on this market and the various styles of presentation used by various available tools.

It is mandatory to have a look around yourself and compare products for a while, that if you will be using the tool continuously or not.

There is so much to gain from taking time to settle on the correct PDF editor which can fulfill your needs.

Adobe acrobat is among the best – known name of the PDF editor in the market and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is round the corner form some time.

The new version of adobe is bit divisive among the users, as most of you might claim that it is far from ideal for their usage, however other users will defend it to the grave and will use nothing else but Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

At the end it boils down the personal preference and you need to understand your own requirements before choosing the correct tool as per your requirement.

Adobe acrobat DC vs Acrobat Pro DC vs Adobe Reader DC – Difference

Adobe offers 3 PDF readers i.e.,Adobe acrobat DC vs Acrobat Pro DC vs Adobe Reader DC.

Adobe reader DC is a free version of PDF reader which you can print, annotate and view. The free software has limited functionality and is good for beginners.

Adobe DC is a complete, Windows–only PDF editor which require as creative cloud subscription. However here you have the control to comment, read, sign, scan, and convert PDFs to Excel, Word and many other popular formats.

Adobe Pro DC is built on the features of Adobe’s Acrobat standard DC which is available on both Mac and Windows. It has all functionalities, but you need to pay some amount of money to avail these features. You can easily perform side – by – side comparison between two PDF documents, insert multimedia etc.

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