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Alexa Device Not Responding – Fix it with different solutions

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Fix Alexa not responding issue

Alexa has become so popular these days so for taking care of it also becomes necessary. If you have Alexa you must have remedies of it on tips for sure. Usually, when people are buying alexa, meanwhile they forget that it can be damaged to or can get weak due to some reason. In those times you need not to be panic rather you need to think about solutions and how to get out of that. Although there are so many ways to help you if your alexa device not responding they are very simple to do but still if you get trouble in not correcting it then you need to concern it to the customer care they will tell you solution for it. But there is chances most probably it will get good and you will not require customer care. But still if you are not able to rectify it then you must at least concern for once.

Fix Alexa not responding issue

Alexa is necessary too it has become problem as well as. So there are some tips for getting rid of it, but before you look for solution before than that you need to understand the problem of it. In order to gather more details, you can also follow the respective site here at any time.

Solution 1: check the microphone button

There is possibility you might be missing out microphone this will be troubling you Alexa. If it is not taking your voice command then this will be issue with it. So sometimes it also troubles you with Amazon echo no sound.

Solution 2: Restart Amazon echo for alexa device not responding

If Amazon device not responding then you must try out these steps to check that if it works.

  • At first you need to check that the blue ring spinning is audible or not and if it is on then it simply means it is hearing you but it is not responding you.
  • So now you need to unplug it from the main connection then disconnect it for thirty seconds.
  • Then now you need to re plug it by connecting it all over again.

Note: if you are worrying about Wi-Fi setting and all then you need to worry. When you will start them it will start working automatically.

  • So now you can recheck by asking about weather and other things if it responds then enjoy it.
Alexa not replying

Solution 3:  Enable/ disable Alexa privacy

When you finish with Amazon Echo setup then it happens that Alexa will not respond to your voice. So if it will trouble you then you can look for these solutions.

  • Click on the Alexa button at the bottom of the Nucleus Screen
  • Then it will enable the Alexa now then you need to click on this button so you will be able to listen to Alexa again.
  • Then eventually you need to check it by asking some basic questions.

These are some of solutions which might help in your problem if it is still troubling you then you need to follow up these things such as you may call on the number 1- 877- 773- 5402 for quick fix. Otherwise these are also a solution foralexa device not responding .

Problem 1: Alexa red ring error

If you are seeing any red ring over the head of your alexa or some another colour, then it is sign of your alexa has really any problem and that is why each becomes unable in giving you respond. To add on, Amazon echo mic issues or alexa Wi-Fi connection error is troubling these chief problems like amazon echo no sound.

  • So besides all the given solution for alexa device not responding , you need to make sure you are employing an upgraded version of the Alexa app and other related devices firmware.
  • Apart from this there are some other guidelines which may assists you fix the exact issues related to your Alexa red ring issues.

Problem 2: Alexa device not responding to voice commands

If it happens that if alexa do not understand your accent then in this case the voice training equipment can prove to be useful. Then you need to do these things when echo show not responding to voice commands.

  • You will have to log in Alexa App and then you will have to go to the settings option which will be in the left pane of the window.
  • Then you will have to select ‘voice training’ option from the given menu.
  • The next thing which you need to do is read about twenty five phrases given by the alexa app (in loud voice)
  • The equipment will make alexa in understanding you better.
Solve alexa problem

Problem 3: LED/ Microphone board not working

  • If you are getting issues like the LED is not working and if it is blinking and other things like microphone is not responding then your hardware may have some issues.
  • So you can get confirmations for this thing by calling on the given number 1- 877- 773- 5402

Problem 4: Amazon Echo Wi-Fi issues

  • If you are getting issues like Amazon echo or echo lose the connection with Wi-Fi router there is a chance that alexa will not able to respond.
  • It clearly means that the echo require a stable and strong Wi-Fi connection for alexa to run nice, But if you have week connections then it may have some other reasons.

Signs of Alexa

  • Led blinks
  • Microphone does not respond


Above solutions are enough to help you for alexa device not responding. And in almost 98 percent cases it will work and if it does not work in some cases then you must go to the customer care they are there to help you.  Alexa has become important part these days as it is a useful device so it is like taking care of oneself so when you are up to it; you need not to forget these solutions which have been very useful. So it does check your alexa by asking questions about weather and all and if it is responding then it means your alexa is pretty well.  So go for it and enjoy every beat of alexa. Take care of your alexa. 

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