All About Stamps and how to use

All About Stamps and how to use

If you have a parcel or letter to send, it can be very confusing for you to know exactly what is needed from you to ensure that the items do not get lost. So, if you are searching for a better understanding of how the shipping process of parcels and letters works, then you have come to the correct place as here, we are going to disclose the secret behind it.

In this article, we will look at the stamps from very old to the most common, which are used for postage.

What are stamps used for?

Stamps generally serve as the currency for the letter world.They also determine how quickly your parcel/mail will reach the destination. Also, by having the letter/parcel stamped is the method of letting the postoffice know that the payment for shipment is already made.

However, the thing is, when it comes to sending parcels and letters, stamps are generally the most formidable obstacle to tackle.

The logic is simple! The more you pay for the stamp, the quicker your parcel will reach its destination.

Also, the weight and size of the parcel/letter will be considered for selecting the type of postage you need to attach.

Classification of stamp

Stamps generally come in two different classes

  1. First-class stamps

These stamps are expensive, and with these stamps, the package will be delivered the very next day. you can get custom stamps within 24 hours from It is also true that your parcel will be delivered on Saturdays also.

  1. Second class stamps

This option is cheaper, and the parcels/letters typically take longer to reach the destination. Generally, 2-3 working days are needed for the delivery of these parcels. The weight and size of the letter/parcel will also impact the cost of the stamp.

Stamp design

You might be aware that stamps come in various designs and shapes. This design is done to commemorate a significant event or person.

Generally, the graphic elements of the stamp design come in four primary categories.

  • Pictorial stamps
  • Numeric –The design is built around the numeric value
  • Emblem – Coat of post horn, national symbol, flag coat of arms, etc.
  • Portrait bust – full face or profile

The use of emblems or portrait busts was generally for the first stamp. It was an extension of the currency, which was the closest model present for the early stamp designers.

The usage pattern has also varied considerably. As an example, from the year 1840 to 1900, the British stamps use the same portrait,i.e., of Victoria, which is enclosed in a dizzying variety of frames. The choice of graphic design is also governed by the combination of anniversaries, postal rate changes, required annual issues, popular demands, and exhaustion of existing stamp stocks. Also, various additional shapes are used, including circles, octagons, rhombuses, and triangles.

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Most people consider stamps just the little pieces of paper which are used to put on letters/parcels; however, some people have an excellent hobby of collecting them.

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