Best tracking Spy application for your Android device

Keep track on your closed is always considered to be the awful one. But the thing is to focus on somebody is to avoid the unnecessary activities. Instead of focusing continuously on the people, you can make the way easier than expected. Actually, there is an application which helps to track the person completing without any difficulties. So, make use of this amazing opportunity on your Android device without any hassles.

Message tracker and Remote call

By using this amazing application, you can easily track the messages from where it comes and track the call as well. It is the main reason that this application is considered to be the best spy tracking application among the parents. To use this application,

· It is absolutely free to use
· No GPS needed to use further

By following the message tracker as well as utilizing the call, you can monitor it on your device itself. When it comes to checking out the calls and messages, you need to tap the application to open and search for the option “View”. As we mentioned earlier, this application will work mainly without the GPS at anytime.

How the application works on your device

Before going to use this application on your device, it is essential for the user to check out the further steps to follow.

1. First of all, you need to install the application and register it using an Email ID as well as the PIN.
2. Now, it is essential for the user to enable the tracking of messages and calls on your device. If you are looking forward to checking the location, make sure to choose the check box.
3. Whenever the call or message is received or sent, wait for a seconds and start the application to check.
4. Now, make sure to click on “View” buttons which is available in the application. You can now check out the tracks of the messages or last call. You can also visit the locations on google map and view it.
5. However, the user can select the disable collecting location information by just unchecking the check box in the view of an application.
6. By following the option “clear data” you can clear all the information as well.
7. In the end, you can export the tracks as a text form through email.

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