Clash Royale hack apk- Features and Installation

Clash Royale hack apk- Features and Installation

Clash Royale is one among the popular games under the category MOBA. MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Before letting out the features of Clash Royale hack apk, we need to know the working of this Clash Royale game. The game plan is the user is provided a card deck with eight different cards. The player has to spawn different other units on the battle area and conquer all the three towers of the opponent player or team. Meanwhile they are ready to even defend their own three towers too. Defeating the King tower makes the player or a group a winner.

Game starts by collecting different cards which are around 50 in number. Each card possesses different strength and weakness. Certain cards are quite rare which once found helps in reaching higher levels. Further, to achieve these cards, the user needs to acquire gold or silver chests. Moreover, when a user wins a match, they can collect chests and unlock higher levels. Chest actually contains gold or gems or even other cards in them.

clash royale hack apk

Sometimes, duplicate cards may also find which when collected by user helps in leveling up and become more powerful. The cards are comprising of categories like Troops, Spells and Buildings. The example of Troops cards are Magic Archer, Mega Knight, Ram Rider, Sparky, Bandit etc. Clone, Mirror, Graveyard, Tornado etc comes under Spell cards. Furthermore, building cards like Inferno tower, Bomb Tower, Furnace etc.

Why Clash Royale hack Apk?

The game comes with two types of currency namely Gold and Gems. Firstly gold is used to upgrade cards or even purchase cards from the shop. Whenever new chest is opened or on winning a match, users receive gold. Secondly, gems are require to open chests early. More gems are want when the countdown to open the chest lessens.

Clash Royale game is playing by N number of players. It is one of the best strategy games in the market. This apk helps the new user to compete with other experienced players worldwide. Let us now go through the features provided by them in detail.

Features of Clash Royal hack apk

Unlimited gold and gems

Without using the Clash Royale hack apk, the user need to obtain the gems or gold by either completing quests or by purchasing them with real money. Further, these currencies are need to start tournament or even new challenges. It provides unlimited gold and gems to the user account directly.

Unlock all cards

There are 4 types of cards in the game. They are common, rare, epic and legendary. It helps in unlocking all these types of cards which will be useful to cast spells or deploy troops on the battlefield.

Unlimited source of elixir

Elixir is needed to place the cards on the battle area. Normally around ten elixirs can be found in the game. Additionally with the help of this Clash Royale hack apk, an unlimited source of elixir can be unlocked.

No rooting

Android devices need not be rooted to use this apk. This feature gives the confidence in the user.

Easy to install

This hack apk can be installed easily. By using this app, the user need not worry about their account getting terminated or banned. Further this apk cannot be detected by the real game server.

Regular updates

The hack apk version provides frequent updates based on the levels reached by each user. This is quite helpful.

Installation steps for the Clash Royal hack apk

  • Goto any web browser and type the trusted website containing download file.
  • Wait until the file is downloaded and then copy the apk file to the android device, be it smart phone or tablet.
  • Install the Clash Royale hack.apk file by clicking the check box for Allow installs from other source than the Play Store that is displayed on the settings.


As the numbers of players keep increasing day by day to play the Clash Royale game, the necessity of these hacks like the Clash Royale hack apk is needed. Furthermore, these hacks keep the player highly motivated. The players need not worry about the safety of the device or account if the apk is downloaded from a proper source.

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