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Does Dubai Impose a Corporate Tax on All Companies?

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Does Dubai Impose a Corporate Tax on All Companies?

Dubai, known for its business-friendly environment, has long been a haven for companies seeking to operate in a tax-efficient jurisdiction. However, recent developments have sparked discussions about whether Dubai imposes a corporate tax on all companies. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of Corporate tax services in UAE and explore who is affected by this new tax regime.

Historical Context:

For many years, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) functioned as a low-tax jurisdiction, with no personal income tax and minimal corporate tax obligations. Only a few industries, such as resource extraction and foreign banks, were subject to corporate taxation. However, with the aim of diversifying its economy and aligning with international norms, Dubai has introduced changes to its tax landscape.

The Announcement of a New Corporate Tax:

On January 31st, 2022, the UAE government made a landmark announcement regarding the introduction of a new Corporate tax in UAE, set to take effect from June 1st, 2023. This new tax will impose a 9% rate on the profits of many companies operating within the UAE. It is essential to note that not all businesses will be subject to this tax, and certain exemptions apply. You must consult this with Auditors in Dubai to get clarified about which businesses get benefitted from this.

Scope of the Corporate Tax:

Businesses with an annual revenue of at least 375,000 AED (equivalent to approximately USD $100,000) will be subject to the corporate tax in UAE. Companies earning less than this threshold will continue to enjoy a 0% tax rate. In addition, large multinational firms with profits exceeding EUR 750 million will be subject to a 15% tax, in line with the Global Minimum Corporate Tax Rate agreement.

Implications for Free Zone Companies:

Free zones in Dubai have been known for their favorable tax incentives, attracting numerous businesses from around the world. While it remains unclear how the new corporate tax will apply to free zone companies, the government has stated that free zone enterprises will still be able to benefit from their specific free zone incentives. However, if free zone companies engage in trade activities with mainland businesses, they may be subject to corporate tax on the generated revenues.

Personal Income Tax:

Dubai’s tax policies regarding personal income differ from the corporate sector. Currently, there are no plans to introduce a personal income tax in Dubai or any other emirate within the UAE. The only form of personal taxation is the 5% value-added tax (VAT), which applies to consumer goods and services.

Capital Gains Tax on Dividends:

Presently, Dubai does not impose capital gains tax on dividends. Investors and business owners do not pay any capital gains tax on dividends from their investments. However, it’s crucial to stay updated on potential changes in tax regulations, as policies might evolve over time.

Dubai’s Attractiveness for Business:

Despite the introduction of Corporate tax services in UAE, Dubai remains an appealing destination for companies. Free zones like the Meydan Free Zone continue to offer a 0% corporate tax rate for businesses that comply with their regulatory requirements. This creates a competitive advantage for entrepreneurs and investors seeking to launch and operate their companies in Dubai.


In summary, Dubai’s tax landscape is evolving, and the introduction of a corporate tax highlights the UAE’s commitment to diversify its economy and align with international norms. While not all companies will be subject to corporate tax, it is crucial for business owners and investors to stay informed about the latest tax regulations and seek professional advice from top Audit Firms in UAE like A&A Associate LLC when necessary. Despite these changes, Dubai’s tax-efficient environment and business-friendly infrastructure continue to make it an attractive destination for companies worldwide.

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