April 13, 2024

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How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos

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download Instagram photos and videos free

Instagram is a popular social media app that allows you to share images and videos with others. The app boasts itself for having millions of users and the number is steadily increasing. But it is a difficult task when you try to download the images or videos from Instagram. The app does not allow the users to save pictures and videos by downloading them. So, what to do when you want to download Instagram photos and videos? Often, people want to cherish their beautiful moments forever and downloading will help you to save it permanently. You may sometimes like a picture that you see in Instagram and it will be frustrating if you cannot download it. That is why we have shared some ways through which you can download and save from Instagram.

download Instagram photos and videos free

Try this Simple Method to Save Images!

The first one is a simple one that you can turn to in times of urgency or if you are feeling groggy. Take screenshots using your mobile phones of the pictures that you like. If you are using a laptop, then give an appropriate command like shift+cmd+4. This will help you in taking screenshot of the desired image just by seizing and releasing the command tool. However, when you want to download a video this method becomes impossible. We have given you the right method to download both videos and images below. Continue reading the post to find it out.

Download Instagram Photos and Videos via Specific Sites!

This is a more suitable way when you think about saving images and videos from Instagram. There are many sites available from which you can download Instagram videos and pictures. The steps to do so are very simple and easy to understand. But be careful to choose the best site since these sites can access information from your Instagram account. If you are looking to download photos from Instagram, go with dinsta.com. It is very popular downloading site used by many people to download images from Instagram.

Steps to Download Instagram Photos and Videos through Sites

  • First step is to visit your Instagram account.
  • Then you have to search for the image or video you want to download.
  • Once you find the desired photo or video, find the three vertical dots and click it.
  • A link will be shown and you have to copy that link.
  • Now, open the site like dinsta in your device.
  • In the space provided, paste that link you have copied.
  • Just click the download button that you find in the site.
  • Your preferred Instagram image or video will be successfully downloaded.

The procedure for downloading is the same for both Instagram photos and videos. While you can use dinsta site for downloading photos, for videos we recommend w3toys.com The site is deemed to be safe for downloading Instagram videos.

Hope you guys are now clear about how to download Instagram photos and videos. It is natural to have the desire to download something that you think is great. By using the ways we have given you above, you can easily fulfill your desire. Take advantage of the sites and save Instagram photos and videos as you wish!

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