June 14, 2024

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How to Hide Last Seen Status On WhatsApp?

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Hide Last Seen Status On WhatsApp app
Hide Last Seen Status On WhatsApp app

Whatsapp is a Messaging app that uses End-End encryption to send messages to one another that have their mobile number, which is registered to their Whatsapp accounts. It is a great app which is used by millions everyday for all sorts of purposes. In case, if you want to Hide Last Seen Status On WhatsApp, then you can go ahead with the best app called FMWhatsapp.

What is FMWhatsapp?

A WhatsApp Mod is the modified version of WhatsApp Application. FMWhatsapp is a mod that is available for free that has many features that are required by some for a day-to-day use. It can help you change the theme, UI, font and most importantly can get around some limitations of the original Whatsapp. 

Features of FMWhatsapp:

  1. Can keep your privacy by freezing last seen, selecting whom you can call etc.
  2. One can change theme, UI and the fonts in the application 
  3. The user can lock the whatsapp with pin/password. 
  4. You can use the DND mode. 
  5. It is also possible with Hide Last Seen Status On WhatsApp.

How to hide Last seen status in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp can only hide your last seen for all. This is a disadvantage because you Hide Last Seen Status On WhatsApp and it hides there’s too. You can’t keep a watch on their last seen if you would do something like that. These are some limitations that are caused due to the unmodded Whatsapp. 

Settings>Account>Privacy>Last seen 

How to hide Last seen in FMWhatsapp?

FMWhatsapp can hide last seen,freeze it and even can hide yours and make others seen. It is really easy to do. All you have do is:

  • Menu>Fouad Settings>Privacy>Choose 
  • There you can freeze your last seen, hide the last seen and also switch to last seen where yours is hidden and others can be seen. 
  • You can also select who can call you by categories. You can set your replies for keywords while you are offline. 

Is FMWhatsapp safe? 

FMWhatsapp is absolutely safe and has no privacy concerns. It has no advertisements and your entire conversations pass through the End-End encryption and no data can be passed around in 3rd party servers. Also, you can easily experience Hide Last Seen Status On WhatsApp at any time.

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It’s a great MOD as it can get around all the limitations of the normal whatsapp. It can keep your last seen hidden and respects privacy. This app can do many things that the regular application can’t do. It’s a great application that everyone must use. You can use 2 Whatsapp accounts on your phone without the risk of getting banned as its riskproof.This is the safest in the mods app which was developed by the Faoud Team and the team at YoWhatsapp as they sponsor the theme market which is free. 

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