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How to delete a YouTube Channel and important reasons to delete

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how to delete a YouTube Channel stuff

It is not mandatory to utilize a YouTube channel for watching your favorite videos on the YouTube website. You can have more fun by creating a YouTube channel to publish your own playlists, videos, and about your personal information or channel. In case, if you do not prefer to hold your old videos or old channels then deleting the same would the best idea to hide your online presence. Most of them don’t know how to delete a YouTube Channel without proper guidance.

how to delete a YouTube Channel stuff

Without a YouTube channel, you can easily include your favorite videos to the Watch Later category, leave feedbacks on watched videos. Also, subscribe to various other channels, and also perform other tasks associated with YouTube site. Concerning the above utilization, your YouTube account should directly associate to your Gmail (Google) account. Without a channel, you can use your Google account to access the YouTube account without any hassle.

Reasons for Deleting your YouTube Video

Find below the important reasons on why to delete your YouTube videos:

Copyrighted Movies

The video content authorship is respected through the online platform and nowadays, those parties are very much punished and particularly mistreated. In case, if you are uploading any video or audio content, which is not entirely related to you or any other artists without their interest then this mislead will delete your YouTube account and channel as well.


In case, if your Facebook account was intentionally deleted because of uploading a video content that shows that you are abusing someone then your YouTube channel or account will be automatically deleted. Even the account holder is physically not present while abusing them. In a similar way, if someone raises a complaint to the YouTube team with regard to this video content or violation, again your account will be deleted without notice.

Violent Video Content

Another similar reason for punishment would be obvious as the YouTube account owner or channel holder with various expulsions. The contemplated scenes such as bloody acts, violent are all staged and also treated against any living being or the human being’s integrity.

Sexual Content or Nudity

YouTube channel is not the appropriate place to browse & locate the sexual audiovisual content, or upload any nudity movies or less than other user’s video content. It is much easier to delete your YouTube account under this platform if any sign concerning pornography found on your channel. In a similar way, it will be automatically reported to the concerned authorities to take immediate action by the police to violate the social media network policies. For entire audiences, this is applicable and tends to explicit the existence of porn or nudity videos.

How to delete your YouTube channel

It is a simple task to delete a YouTube video channel from your account and get motivated to various conditions and causes. You can refer to the below-provided instructions on how to delete a YouTube Channel 2020 with simple steps:

YouTube Channel Login

As usual, you need to login to your YouTube account by tapping the “log in” option. It is located near the top right-hand side screen corner. After login, you can navigate numerous features and functionalities within your YouTube account. You can make use of your Google (Gmail) account for logging into your YouTube account. In case if you do not have a Google account then create a new account under the Google platform.

Navigate to Configuration Settings

After successfully logging into your account, you can view the “Settings” options on the left-hand side panel. Within the left panel, navigate to the Advanced Configuration Settings that will provide a list of instructions to personalize or configure the various YouTube channel elements. Within the existing page, scroll down to the bottom page and choose the option named “Delete Channel”. This is the most important section and needs to pay your concentration.

Confirming your Identity

If you prefer deleting your channel permanently then you will automatically prompt for verification from the Google account (sole responsible and account management) for confirming your identity. In a similar way, the user will prompt to input their Google (Gmail) account password for verification (the account password which was used to access YouTube, Google Drive, Gmail account, etc.). After inputting the account password, tap the Ok icon to proceed with the process.

Confirmation to delete the YouTube Channel

This is one of the pre-delete features offers by the social media network before completing the final procedure. The users are provided with two options: whether they can hide the video content from other user’s access or permanently delete their YouTube account. It is most important to decide and this will automatically erase the list of subscribers you have, your subscriptions with respect to other accounts, other channels interaction, and even other activities that you had performed in the active state. After the final decision, you can opt for tapping the “Delete My Content” icon.

It is most important and essential to take a proper decision before deleting your YouTube channel with any specific motivation. This may also lead to avoiding regretting in future use. In case, if your YouTube channel does not violet any process and also respect the rules & copyright then this is the correct time to decide before removing the video content.

Please keep in mind that your YouTube Channel will be another mediator. Yes, in order to communicate with your friends, family members, and relatives. It is always advisable to select only the valid video files or images to publish on the online platform.

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