How to fix DPKG_LOCKED iOS 11.3.1 Cydia Issue After Electra Jailbreak

How to fix DPKG_LOCKED iOS 11.3.1 Cydia Issue After Electra Jailbreak
It is such a common thing that every user of iOS devices have come across the jailbreak stuff to explore maximum of their devices. However, a lot of jailbreak stuff is also available in the market to utilize more smoothly. Apart from regular jailbreaks, most of them would expect to focus on some best jailbreak for their iOS devices. However, Electra iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak making waves among the people to use over iOS devices.
However, people have already started pouring positive about this jailbreak, but it doesn’t mean you can get the perfect outcome through this Electra jailbreak. Yes, apart from positives people have also started reporting after the usage. At the end of the day, they are claiming that the error shows its presence in Cydia by labeling as DPKG_LOCKED. This recent version of Electra is not working for some of the users and ends in error.
If you are the one who is looking ahead for another jailbreak over this, then make sure to follow the stuff here to sort it out soon and get the things back better without any hassles. So, the things like this issues which mainly involves with Cydia while getting an error during launch is considered to be one of the easiest ways to follow and sort it out as well in a quick time and effort.

Fix DPKG_LOCKED issue with different methods

When it comes to fixing the error, it is essential for you to find the right way to sort it out. All you need to follow the methods involved to solve the issue. Here we are going to share some of the important methods where you can follow and solve it as much as earlier without any difficulties. Make sure to follow the methods mentioned here to fix the issue.
Method 1:
If you are looking for the way to fix the DPKG_LOCKED issue, then you can follow this first method at anytime. All you need to follow the mentioned entire guide steps without any miss. It is also considered to be the simple way where you can make use of it.
So, when it comes to disabling “Find my iPhone”, it will help to get back the jailbreak app into a normal stage. Make sure to follow the below-mentioned steps.
·         First of all, you need to visit the settings and then enter your name
·         Now, choose the option “iCloud” and then you can turn off the available options like Find my iPhone as well as an iCloud drive for future purpose.
·         Once the above process is completed, you can get into Re-run the Jailbreak application.
·         Finally, you have successfully done with fixing the issue experienced on Electra jailbreak.
Method 2:
Here is the method two to focus on fixing the issue. Hope it will be also helpful for the seekers when it comes to fixing it.
·         Firstly, you need to connect your iOS device to PC and download then install the Cyberduck on your PC.
·         Now, it is essential for you to download Delectra shell script or by just visiting this link
·         Get it into your device and visit Settings -> Wi-Fi -> click on “i”. It will help to provide the essential details about the network. All you need to do is to copy the IP address and open the Cyberduck on your Computer then click “Open Connection”.
·         By getting into next window, select SFTP from protocol drop-down list when it comes to setting up the SFTP connection.
·         It is important for you to enter the details on the specific fields like Username – root, Server – Wi-Fi network’s IP address, SSH Private key as None and Password as alpine.
·         Now, the Unknown fingerprint will be appearing on the screen and make sure to click “Allow”.
·         It is the right time to shift the downloaded shell script to the folder /private/var/root by just simply dragging into the window of Cyberduck.
·         If you are the one who is using Windows PC, then you can proceed further to download PuTTY. On the other side, if macOS, now close the activity of Cyberduck and visit to Go
·       -> Utilities.
·         However, you could see the icon “Terminal” and tap to open it and you should now use the command when it comes to user login like ssh [email protected] copied IP address and click the option “Yes”.
·         Now, enter the password “alphine” and log in then enter the command bash. / and click enter option. Once it is done, thus the respective script will remove the jailbreak files completely from your devices and then restart your iOS device, that’s it.
People, who all are messed up with finding the proper way to fix DPKG_LOCKED, hope the above-mentioned methods will be the best solution where you can utilize it.

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