April 18, 2024

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How to add music on Youtube videos without copyright issues

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Not many people are aware on learning how to put music on YouTube videos without copyright issues. You tube is a well desired or favored website for sharing videos. It holds millions or even billions of video content. The videos may belong to different categories like movie trailers, review about movie or TV show; solutions to fix any issue, cooking videos and tips videos etc. There are two types of users of You Tube. First category is the users who create channels or pages to upload videos namely video creators. Moreover, the other category is the user who watches the videos uploaded by other users called as viewers.

Put music on YouTube videos without copyright issues

Video creators may use background music to support their videos. But before using them, they need to consider type of music file is use by them. For learning how to put music on YouTube videos without copyright issues, it’s vital for us to know what will happen when a copyright music is use on our videos. For other issues to check, you can follow here.

Things to consider before uploading videos with music

Choosing any type of commercial music for the YouTube videos developed by the users may lead to copyright violation. Furthermore, there are variety of laws steering the intellectual property rights and other copyright infringements.

Copyright owners of music have rights to sue the YouTube users, when they find their music using by other YouTube users. Moreover there are high chances of audio getting strip from the uploaded video. Additionally, it may even lead to the removal of a video from your channel. For instance, more frequent offenders will ban from using YouTube.

Moreover, YouTube provides a system called as content ID management. This allows the copyright owners to manage and also identify if their content is using by any other user on YouTube. Furthermore, proper scanning is done against the database containing content ID to find whether any copyrighted music for video is present.

It’s always necessary for the YouTube users to check out the latest YouTube music policies before attempting to upload their own videos at any time. However, users need not bother all these concerns. Finally, YouTube by itself offers a solution for how to put music on Youtube videos without copyright issues.

How to use copyrighted music on YouTube 2019?

It’s now time to discuss how to add copyrighted music to a video.

Getting a copyright claim

 First and foremost solution for how to put music on YouTube videos without copyright issues may be getting a copyright claim from the owner himself. Copyright owners may provide different ways like using of ads in your videos or sharing the revenue that you get from your channel with them for using their music. In addition, the YouTube user may decide to pay a licensing fee to use their copyrighted music which may sometimes come as free from the owners themselves. Moreover the users can clarify the areas for country is where the music can be used. Additionally, these copyright policies can be checked in the music policy screen which is present at the top of the audio library inside free music screen too.       

Using free music on YouTube

The best answer for how to not get copyrighted for music on YouTube is to use free music available. If the video creators are not in the position to obtain a legal copyright claim from the copyrighted owners of a particular music, they can very well use the audio library option present inside the YouTube website. Furthermore, this helps them not worry about any type of restrictions or other law breaking activities which may happen due to copyright issues.

Steps to find free music to add to the YouTube videos

Step 1 – Firstly, user can login to their YouTube account from a browser. Click on the profile photo which appears in the upper right corner of the page.

Step 2 – Next, click on the YouTube studio

Step 3 -Hover the mouse over other features tab in the navigation menu which is present on the left side of the screen.

Step 4 – Select audio library and select freemusic tab inside it.

Step 5 – At last, the user can choose to hear any of the music entry as a preview. Moreover they can read about the restrictions in using the music. For example the music owners may display messages like users are free to use their music in any of their videos. However, sometimes this may come with certain restrictions like preventing them to use the videos in certain countries or allowing the owners to play ads while using them.

In the same way, the users can search the free music based on genre, mood, title, duration, instrument or even attribution. Additionally, sound effect tab opens with a collection of free sound effects which can be used in our videos too. This is also a way for how to put music on YouTube videos without copyright issues.


As a result, adding music to our videos always produces an extra effect as well as draws other YouTube users towards our channel. However, it is the responsibility of the YouTube video creators to upload videos with proper legal music content to prevent copyright charges against their videos. Moreover, by knowing the YouTube music policies they can very well get rid of unnecessary issues. Finally, hope this discussion on how to use copyrighted music on YouTube legally 2019 serves its purpose.

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