Iphone Touch Screen Not Working? Fix It with Different Solutions

Iphone Touch Screen Not Working? Fix It with Different Solutions

It happens very rarely that the iPhone touch screen stopped working. In case the iPhone does not respond then the user will face problems like that touch screen will not work properly, he will not be able to survive in the phone around, tabs will not work properly and not even a single function will work. Here we are going to have a discussion for Iphone Touch Screen Not Working.

Iphone Touch Screen Not Working Properly

It becomes so annoying that the iPhone stopped responding. If you are also facing the same situation then, this article will definitely help you out. Here we have given some of the best troubleshooting steps that you may follow to get rid of this issue. There are several issues due to which the iPhone not responding problem may occur. The problem that leads to the Iphone Touch Screen Not Working issue includes damage to the touch screen, crud on the screen and others. Sometimes the problems that lead to Touch Screen Not Working Iphoneissue also include the software related problems.

Iphone 7 Touch screen not working: consider the solutions

There are several steps that one can follow to troubleshoot the Iphone 7 Touch Screen Not Working problem.  It is important to recognize the problem and solve it accordingly. In order to help you out here, we have given a set of solutions that you can opt. On the other side, if you are looking for more solutions for other stuff, you can visit this.

Clean your Screen, And Your Fingers

First of all, you are required to clean off your iPhone screen including the fingerprints. Furthermore, if you are using a screen protector then you will be required to remove it and then clean the screen properly. In case there is any sort of dirt, Oil, Junk or any other junk available on the screen then you are required to remove that also. Sometimes due to the presence of moisture the screen stops working or become irresponsive. In order to clean the screen, you can take a small piece of cotton. While cleaning the iPhone screen make sure that your hands and fingers are clean as well.

Perform a Hard Reboot

Sometimes it happens that after simply restarting the iPhone the problem gets solved. And also a hard reboot makes it easier.  Completing the hard reboot is easy depending upon the model of iPhone you are having.

If your Iphone 7 Touch Screen Not Working then all you need to do is to hold down the volume down button along with the power button. You need to press both the buttons until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

In order to restart or hard reboot the iPhone 6s or any older version you need to hold the home button and power button until you see the Apple logo.

Sometimes due to software Freeze, the iPhone stops working properly and the not responding problem occurs.  This rebooting process is one of the easiest methods through which you can solve the problem.

Delete and Update / Reinstall the Problematic App

Sometimes due to one particular application the Iphone Touch Screen Not Working problem occurs. The best part to you to get rid of this problem is to freeze the application or uninstall it. At that time you, first of all, you need to press the home button and exit the application page and get back to the home screen. If the touch screen problem is occurring at the particular application then you will be required to update it. For updating the application you need to visit the Apple Store and check the updates for that application. If after updating the application the problem persists then you need to delete the app and then we install it.

Free up iOS Storage

Sometimes you 20 storage space available the iPhone starts showing the not responding problems. It is important to ensure that the iPhone is having storage space available on the device. You can check the storage space by going through the Settings > General > Storage & Usage > Manage Storage. Your iPhone should have at least 100 MB is available. When there is less space available in the device, iOS starts underperforming.  In order to clean the space, all you can do is delete the unused and extra applications from your device. You can also delete the cache files of applications like Instagram, Facebook open Spotify, Twitter, and several others.

Check the iPhone touch screen, Is it cracked?

Sometimes it happens that the iPhone touch screen got cracked and Touch Screen Not Working Iphone issue starts occurring.  Also if the iPhone is damaged then also the same problem can occur.  If there is any problem in the iPhone touch screen on the iPhone is cracked then you are suggested to visit the authorized Apple Store or Apple repair center.

Still, the problem is persistent you are suggested to follow these steps:

If the iPhone Screen is still not working then you will be required to back up the data of your device and then restore it by visiting the iTunes.It is important to ensure that you are backing up that iPhone to the iCloud for iTunes.If you visit the authorized iPhone support channel then they will definitely restore the device as it is one of the steps of their troubleshooting process. If your device is unresponsive and it is stuck on the Apple logo then there will be no issue related to the screen. You can solve it with the restore or DFU restore.

Well, the above-given solutions will definitely help you out in solving the
Iphone Touch Screen Not Working problems. But if the problem persists then you are strongly suggested to visit the authorized Apple customer care representatives or repair center.

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