February 25, 2024

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Know everything before you buy RDP

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The windows remote desktop connection tool allows the users to connect to a remote Windows PC or server through the Internet or on a local network. It also gives full access to the tools and software installed on it. This is Microsoft’s tool created for their user’s benefit.

Though all the windows PCs and servers can connect there to other windows devices using RDP, a minimal windows device allows RDP connection. There is a continuous rivalry between open-source virtual networking ((VNC) generally used in Linux and other platforms) and RDP connection.

About RDP in a nutshell

When you buy RDP, it allows remote users to use windows on their device from another location. The critical devices like mouse and keyboard connect to a remote machine that will enable you to use and control and gives you the real desktop user experience.

For any RDP connection to work, you need to have an RDP server and an RDP client. A typical RDP server’s function is to connect you to the Windows PC, which the server would control.

The mobile or device where you install an RDP client app and control the server is known to be the Client.

RDP is a windows server protocol, and you can only use RDP to establish a remote connection with Windows PCs and Windows Servers installations that support the connection. Every windows version doesn’t support RDP connection; the one that doesn’t support it is windows 10. It can only be used as a client and not for the other way to make the connection.

The PCs that have remote desktop enabled allows establishing a single connection to Windows PCs. You would require a Windows server and a Remote Desktop Services (RDS) component installed to establish multiple connections.

For establishing an RDP connection to a secured network from a remote location, you need to install and configure a Remote Desktops Gateway service on a suitable Windows Server Installation. Doing this after you buy RDP helps you increase security and replace the need for an internal virtual private network (VPN).

Steps to buy RDP and install on windows

For using RDP to connect to another Windows PC or server, you need first to install it, and thankfully, it is not a tough job to do.

Below is the process to enable Remote Desktop on Windows PC-

  1. Click on the windows setting menu. Then click on the Start button and press the Settings icon. Then press System followed by Remote Desktop.
  2. Press the on the button of the Enable Remote Desktop and see as it turns blue.
  3. The Microsoft account you have used to sign-in would be the account for using your PC remotely. Suppose you wish to allow additional users, Select press users that can remotely access this PC. Then in the remote desktop users, press ADD and search for the user’s account.
  4. For allowing RDP connections over the Internet, you need to enable incoming and outgoing connections to TCP/UDP port 3389 on your network and make sure the port forwarding is working.

Key things to establish secure Windows Remote Desktop Connections

As you buy RDP, it makes a loophole from where it can get exploited. The RDP port (port 3389) is better known for getting controlled. So, a full plan is required for using Windows remote Desktop over the Internet to maintain its security.

Standard Windows users do not get to use Remote Desktop Gateways that the enterprise users get to connect an RDP server. Instead, one needs to establish a secure RDP connection by following these measures-

Non-administrators would have access to RDP connections 

Only non-administrators should be allowed to use an RDP connection remotely connected to Windows PCs standard users would not be able to make changes to settings, install software, and have minimal access to files. This protects against any damage that can a rogue connection makes.

Restrict allowing open RDP connection over the Internet

If you wish to buy RDP and use it, make sure to set up your VPN (Virtual private network) or prefer choosing an RD Gateway for having a secured tunnel to your local network. It is very harmful or risky to allow an open RDP over the Internet, and I prefer not to choose this option.

You are limiting password attempts

When you limit the number of password attempts for any incorrect password entered before the account gets locked. This helps to limit the damage from a denial service attack.

Enable Network Level Authentication (NLA)

You should enable this feature to use the older version of Windows other than Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, and newer ones, as it has auto-enabled in them. It is recommended to establish a connection if it is correctly authenticated and the right username and password provided.

RDP can only be used for full encryption

Trying to use the highest number of encryptions would, by default, be done when you buy RDP. Ensure that the highest encryption level is done every time; make sure to set the default encryption level using Group Policy Editor.

Follow these steps to ensure that you have thoroughly done the encryption for your Windows as you use RDP from a remote location and maintain your server’s safety to the fullest.

  1. Computer configuration
  2. Administrative Templates
  3. Windows Components
  4. Remote Desktop Services
  5. Remote Desktop Session Host
  6. Security
  7. Set Client Connection encryption level
  8. Enabled
  9. High Level

Using passwords that are not too generic

It is always an excellent option to secure passwords that are not too easy to guess and is complicated but is mandatory for Windows Remote Desktop Connections to use. Avoid using the same password for all the accounts and try using a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers.

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