Framaroot APK for Android | Top 5 One Click Root Apps for Android

Framaroot APK for Android | Top 5 One Click Root Apps for Android
Rooting your Android device means to extend its boundaries much more. It does not only enable to download various other apps but also offers you the ability to enjoy hassle-free accessing to those as well. If you are one of those who are really looking for one of the finest rooting apps for your android devices; then Framaroot APK 1.9.3 is one of the best options you can go along with.
It is one of finest apps to root your android devices which make it very easy to root your device without the help of PC. One of the best things about this wonderful device is its compatibility; which makes it easy to use on a large number of devices.

Framaroot download for Android includes different exploits depending upon the processor and device it includes. It is one of the top 5 one click root apps which have made it very easy to root your android device without the help of a computer.

How to root your android device through Download Framaroot APK?
Framaroot APK for Android

The rooting process is quite simple and quick with Framaroot APK. All you need to do is:
1.       Open your web browser and download the Framroot APK Latest version there.
2.       Now send the downloaded file to your Android device in case if downloaded through PC and ensure it to be stored in device’s memory.
3.       Once done; now install the framaroot app by enabling the unknown sources for your device; as it is a third party application for your android device and hence needs to do the same.
4.       Once done with the above process; now launch the app from your home screen icon and then select the “Install Superuser” option available at the application’s screen.
5.       Now select an “Exploit” from the list of providing ones’ and then complete the actions carefully.
6.       Next, wait for sometime till you receive message “Success, SU binary and Superuser installed” on your device. It is actually a confirmation message which reflects that your android device has been successfully rooted.
7.       Once done with the entire process; now restart your device and launch the rooter checker so as to re-confirm that your phone has been rooted up completely.

Top 5 One Click Root Apps for Android

KingRoot: Kingroot is one of the finest top 5 once click root app on our list which already has been well tested and hence assures you about the wide range of Android phones and tablets it uses. This wonderful app works flawlessly on MTK powered devices which you can easily download for free from the official website of KingRoot.

Framaroot: Framaroot is another amazing top 5 one click root apps in the series which have done well as per user’s expectations and that too over a short period of time. The app has been developed by Alephzain from the XDA-Developers forum.

Towelroot: Towelroot is another unique root android app which offers one-click root to your Android device. It is one of the tests and trusted rooting apps which hold a good reputation in the market. The great design has been developed by Geohot.

360Root: 360 root app is one of the finest small android utility apps which enable you to root your android smartphone without any hassle. The app well supports more than 9000 devices which are really a large count.

Root Explorer: Root Explorer app is another one of the finest, ultimate, most powerful, functional and useful file manager for root users which offers a one-click root to your Android device. The app is well tested to work on a large number of users without any hassle.

To experience the limitless adventure on your Android device, rooting is always considered to be the main thing to follow. Hope the mentioned rooting applications will helpful for your Android device when it comes to rooting process.

Best Tamil Chat application for Android device

We could see there are very few applications that will satisfy your needs with amazing features. Generally, when it comes to chatting applications, you can find a lot in the market to download and install. As we mentioned earlier, the few applications will only help you to handle in a smooth way. So, people who all are looking for the chatting application with Tamil language can make use of the best Tamil chat application. It is mainly developed for the Android device to download and install.

When it comes to searching for the companion, it is quite easy for the users to find using the application. By just downloading and installing it, you can start to make your live chat. All the things that you need to keep it in mind is where you can search for male or female friends. According to your wish, you can find the friends and make your relationship strong then try better hangouts. The thing you need to follow always is you don’t need to stress the partner if you found. It is the first way that helps you to make a stronger relationship.

Exciting features

Generally, people will seek for the features before going to use the application on Android device. Let’s follow some of the features are

· It is easy to access on your Android device without any hassles.
· Moreover, it also consumes less memory on your device.
· The application is free to download and install.
· It also has the option where you make a video call as well.

These are considered to be some of the exciting features of this live chat application. To start this amazing piece of work, you need to follow the steps to download and install on your device.


Generally, most of the Android devices users are seeking for the application to chat live but the result will fall flat than expected. So, the people who all are looking for a long time for the best Tamil chat application can make use of this amazing opportunity on your device at anytime.

Best File Manager Application for Android

Generally, we are all very much aware of the fact that most of the Android phones, as well as the tablets, have one of the features called File manager. It helps to do basic assignments such as erase, duplicate, move and more. However, at the same time, one must admit that the fact is the manager has the particular highlights which are mainly offered by the outsider documents supervisor applications. For instance, outsider document administrator application is mainly required to change the document expansion.

For your information, we can find several free document supervisor applications are there to access on Google PlayStore. So, people who all are looking forward to finding the best file manager application for a long time can make use of it here. ES File Explorer is considered to be one of the most mainstream document administrator applications accessing for the Android device. Thus the file manager has more than 100 million followers for the best features to utilize on a device. The application is mainly said to be the multi useful application that mainly comprised of the download chief, remote director, document administrator and more.

Features of ES file manager

However, most of the people will seek for the features that before going to check out the ES file manager. Some of the features provided here are

· It offers the instruments that mainly utilized for compacting records as well as the documenting process.
· It is absolutely free for the users to download and install on your Android device.
· When it comes to the installation process, it also consumes less memory on your device.

For your information, the application will mainly offer you the huge amount of instruments to copy, paste, delete, rename, hide, send, share, Search, to document administrations and more. For your information, ES document traveler bolsters cloud administrations which are mainly considered to be similar to the Dropbox, box, Skydrive and more. However, the user can go down your records to the cloud and you can match them up along with the smartphones. One must know that this application is absolutely said to be the advertisements free.

Best tracking Spy application for your Android device

Keep track on your closed is always considered to be the awful one. But the thing is to focus on somebody is to avoid the unnecessary activities. Instead of focusing continuously on the people, you can make the way easier than expected. Actually, there is an application which helps to track the person completing without any difficulties. So, make use of this amazing opportunity on your Android device without any hassles.

Message tracker and Remote call

By using this amazing application, you can easily track the messages from where it comes and track the call as well. It is the main reason that this application is considered to be the best spy tracking application among the parents. To use this application,

· It is absolutely free to use
· No GPS needed to use further

By following the message tracker as well as utilizing the call, you can monitor it on your device itself. When it comes to checking out the calls and messages, you need to tap the application to open and search for the option “View”. As we mentioned earlier, this application will work mainly without the GPS at anytime.

How the application works on your device

Before going to use this application on your device, it is essential for the user to check out the further steps to follow.

1. First of all, you need to install the application and register it using an Email ID as well as the PIN.
2. Now, it is essential for the user to enable the tracking of messages and calls on your device. If you are looking forward to checking the location, make sure to choose the check box.
3. Whenever the call or message is received or sent, wait for a seconds and start the application to check.
4. Now, make sure to click on “View” buttons which is available in the application. You can now check out the tracks of the messages or last call. You can also visit the locations on google map and view it.
5. However, the user can select the disable collecting location information by just unchecking the check box in the view of an application.
6. By following the option “clear data” you can clear all the information as well.
7. In the end, you can export the tracks as a text form through email.

Best Anti theft application for Android device

Most of the people would like to show their interest in terms of purchasing the devices as per their interest. For instance, you could find more number of Android devices available in the market with additional features. From the high rate to low rate, you can purchase it from market according to the features available. But the fact there may be a chance of losing or stolen the mobile. At the end of the day, this thing will largely stress you the annoying experience. At the same time, it will be a treasure for the robbers.

In this case, most of the people would like to find the way to sort out. To protect your device, you need to find the way for most of the time. However, you can deal with the best anti-theft application for Android. It is considered to be one of the best applications when it comes to stolen or lost. Once you switch on the alarm, if anybody moves or unplugs the device from charger will start to sound. To turn OFF the security alarm, it requires the PIN code or Unlocks pattern. This thing will help you to know that who is touching your device.

Features of Anti-theft application for Android

When it comes to download and install this application on your device, it is essential for the users to know about the features. Let’s follow some of the exciting features below.

• It is very simple and easy to use interface
• It has a different number of alarm sounds
• It is considered to be the fully charged alarm
• This application has the motion sensor activated an alarm
• Thus the charger disconnect the alarm
• By following the notification, you can quickly activate it
• The SIM disconnect the alarm


People who all are looking for the best anti-theft application can go over this amazing application. It has the free version which will provide you with the best level of outcome. However, at the end of the day, the application will offer you the best protection to your device.

Best Image Editing Application for Android

When it comes to Android device, we could use one of the options often. Yes, we are talking about the feature called Image editing. Generally, during the time of occasions or instant capturing of moments, people prefer Android device to capture. However, we can see a lot of features available in the Android device to edit the pictures as per the interest. But the thing is you can’t find the exact feature that what you expect from the device. It is the main reason that most of the people would like to download and install the external editing applications for their photos to edit.

Amazing application Snapseed

Snapseed application is considered to be one of the most popular Android photography applications to edit. The application has the free version which actually comes with a lot of features to engage the users. By using this amazing application, you can crop any type of photo and you can boost the quality of the picture by adding colours. People who all are looking ahead to find the great features about this application can follow below.

Features of Snapseed

· Here you can tweak an image with lot more styles with precise control.
· Easy to open DNG and JPG files on your device.
· It is the option Stack to re-adjust the image edits after some time.
· You can use selective filter brush.
· It has 29 tools and filters which largely satisfy the users.

Some of the tools and filters are

1. Glamour glow: It is one of the filters where you can easily add a glow to the images.
2. Text: You can also add number of stylish and plain texts for a more attractive image at the end.
3. Graining film: The user can get a modern film looks comprised of realistic grain.
4. Vintage style: It is the option where you can get a picture color of the 50s to 70s.
5. Face Pose: Based on three-dimensional models, you can easily correct the pose of portraits.
6. Frames: Easy to add frames according to the adjustable size.
7. Retrolux: You can go over the retro where you can add scratches, film styles and light leaks to the images.
8. Face enhance: The users can add focus to the eyes, smoothen the skin or adding the specific lighting to the face.
9. Vignette: You can add a soft kind of darkness in the corners as per your wish.
10. White balance: You can adjust the colors to look more natural.