How to resolve the issue Cartoon HD not working with different solutions

How to resolve the issue Cartoon HD not working with different solutions

Cartoon HD is one of the best and most popular websites that allow users with free access to full-length featured movies, cartoons, and also recently released films like Despicable Me 2. This app can be purchased at $20, but now it is available at free of cost. However, this app was banned by Apple for providing the copyrighted content. Even people can witness that cartoon HD not working for various reasons as well.

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cartoon HD not working solutions

Resolve the error message “Cartoon HD not working”

We all know that Cartoon HD App’s popularity has been increased vastly due to its high-quality. It is pride to inform that they receive numerous emails and messages from users thanking them for developing this Android App, which allows the users to stream or watch unlimited movies through the online at free of cost. However, they had also received so many reports from the users that they receive an error messages Cartoon HD not working on Android devices.

A few of them reported that they received an error message “Cartoon HD can’t play this video” and others received error messages like “Cartoon HD wont play”, “Cartoon HD won’t open”. It is really frustrating when you planned to watch your favorite cartoon series or movies and all of a sudden you receive an error message stating “can’t play this video”. This will completely ruin your mood and as well as your plan. Next, you can refer to this article to get the possible solutions to resolve the errors of Cartoon HD. In order to run in a smoother way, you can even go ahead with Comcast router login.

The solution to resolve the error message “Cartoon HD can’t play this Video”

Cartoon HD is one among the most popular and best movie streaming app which is currently available for both iOS devices and as well as Android devices. It allows the users to watch or stream free movies and also much easier to update their database on a daily basis. This could be one among the key factor that is left behind Cartoon HD’s popularity and success. This app will also allow the users to stream or watch the latest & entire TV shows online and also let them download the video contents for watching later.

Even with a little bit modifications, you can also utilize the Cartoon HD App on your Windows laptop or PC. In case, if you have not installed the Cartoon HD App on your appropriate devices, you can refer the guide for respective devices.

  1. Install Cartoon HD APK on your Android mobile phones.
  2. Download Cartoon HD iOS on your iDevice (iPhone, iPad, or iPod).
  3. Install Cartoon HD on Windows laptop & PC.

There are numerous reasons for Cartoon HD not working or Cartoon HD cannot play video and we are going to know about some valid reasons to cause this error message. You may receive this error if the Cartoon HD download unsuccessful on a few attempts. As per the reports, the Cartoon HD Developers had removed the entire TV shows and movies from their primary servers and uploaded the same on Google Drive for user’s benefit.

Various reasons to cause error message

This could also be a one among the reason for getting the error message “Cartoon HD can’t play this video” by using the Cartoon HD App on your respective devices. But still, there are various reasons to cause this error message while utilizing the Cartoon HD App. Under investigation as well as testing phase, they found that a few users may receive this error message because of their devices. It could also cause the trouble by which the Cartoon HP App may not work properly.

Cartoon HD App not working – Instructions to resolve this error

Please find below the list of possible solutions to resolve the Cartoon HD errors on various devices such as PC, iOS, or Android mobile phones. Follow the below-provided step-by-step instructions to resolve the error messages:

Cartoon HD App – Update to its Latest Version

You may receive the error message in case if your Cartoon HD App is running on an older version and may not allow the users to stream or watch movies. For instance, you can update the app to its latest version by access the official website’s download page and download the same.

  • Access the Cartoon HD official website.
  • Navigate to the Downloads section and download the Cartoon HD App latest version.
  • Uninstall the Cartoon HD App older version from your respective devices.
  • Restart your device (Windows PC, iOS devices, or Android mobile phones).
  • Finally, install the Cartoon HD App latest version on your devices.

After successfully installing the latest version of this app on your device, the users should be able to resolve this issue and enjoy watching or streaming the movies without any issues. In case, if you are still experiencing the Cartoon HD problems even after installing the latest version of Cartoon HD App, then refer the other troubleshooting methods.

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Cartoon HD not working – Restart your Device

At times, the processes that are essential to perform with regards to the Cartoon HD App may stop working at the background which in-turn will cause the app to not responding or not open. To resolve this issue, you need to reboot your respective device (which will automatically restart the entire processes).

Clearing the Cache files

If the above-mentioned two methods didn’t fix the issue then you can try clearing the Cartoon HD App’s cache files. This method might help you to resolve the errors and follow the below-provided steps:

  • At first, access your Android mobile phone’s settings.
  • Second, navigate to the Applications Manager section.
  • In the same way, browse and find the Cartoon HD App.
  • Then tap the Cartoon HD icon.
  • Press the Clear Data & Clear Cache icons to clear the App’s cache files.
  • Finally, close the existing windows.

Now, you should be able to execute the Cartoon HD App and will work without any issues. In case, if you have an Android or iOS devices then the above-mentioned three methods can be followed to resolve the Cartoon HD error message.

Windows Users – Firewall Settings – Add Exceptions

As a Windows PC or Laptop user, it is possible to utilize a Windows firewall on your computer to protect against the malware and virus. However, those firewalls will consider or treat the APK files such as a malware or virus and even block them to execute on your laptop or PC.

Hence, it is advisable to create an exception within the Windows Firewall settings and need to allow the Bluestacks Emulator & Cartoon HD APK. This method will resolve the error message on your Windows laptop or PC and allow the users to enjoy streaming or watching the free movies through online.

Utilize Cartoon HD Alternatives – If nothing works

If none of the above-mentioned methods is working then you might consider utilizing the Cartoon HD alternative app to overcome this situation. Next, find below the list some best alternative apps for Cartoon HD App for your reference:

Popcorn Time

Everyone would like to know why cartoon HD not working, and why to choose Popcorn Time as an alternative. In fact, it is a free streaming app that allows the users to watch HD (High-definition) TV shows and movies on your Linux, iOS, and Android devices. For instance, it also allows users to customize their app by modifying the subtitles, language, font, theme, etc. Likewise, Popcorn Time also offers unlimited TV shows & movies, uninterrupted service by using a strong internet connection.


Again, ShowBox is also another alternative most popular app that provides similar features as well as contents like Cartoon HD App. This app is one among the favorite because of its free live streaming community and allows the user to watch the latest TV shows and movies too. However, this app is currently not available for iOS devices.


As a result, MovieBox is a similar app to Cartoon HD and offers an offline version to watch your favorite movies at your leisure time. The entire digital video contents are properly organized within the app by using the categories and genres. It is also much easier to browse and locates your favorite TV shows & movies with the help of its easier & simple user-friendly interface. Finally, with these various features, many of us would like to question what happened to Cartoon HD app and why so many complications to use.

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