February 25, 2024

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How to make Samsung screen mirroring PC using different methods

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Recently, everybody get a chance to witness the peak of technology. Before a decade, we were dreaming about bringing the mobile stuffs or PC to TV. Now, the dream came true that whenever get a chance to display the stuff in mobile or PC, it is possible to bring those things in TV now. Yes, this smart way has become popular and most of the people are showing their interest to make those things live with the support of smart TV. Well, we are talking about Samsung screen mirroring pc.

Now, people who all are handling the Samsung TV would be looking for mirroring from mobiles or PCs. If you are one of them that who looks for a long time, but don’t know how to handle? Then the below discussion will be helpful and supportive in all the way. So, people who all are looking forward to follow the steps, then from below steps, one can make it possible to handle mirroring.

Samsung screen mirroring pc steps

Method 1: Smart view: Laptop mirroring to Samsung TV

Before some days, we often used to connect our devices to TV with the support of cables. This thing which will offer the messy looks in the end. At these stage. Without going to experience these things, people can stream the video contents saved on laptop to Samsung TV. In order to experience these things, all you need to do is following the essential steps mentioned below for Samsung screen mirroring pc.

  • First of all, you need to download and install the Smart view app of Samsung and get ready to launch it.
  • Once the above process is over, then make sure to turn on TV and check whether the devices are connected to same Wi-Fi network. Now, it is necessary for you to navigate to Menu -> Network -> Network status, in order to check your TV connection.
  • Now, get back to PC and tap on “Connect to TV”. Then, select your TV from the devices which are detected.
  • After the above process is over, then you need to enter the PIN which is displayed on your TV and tap on Ok.
  • If you are looking to add content would like to stream, then click on the button “+Add content” and make sure to import the files which are looking for. Once the process is over, then press the button “Play”.

Method 2: Chromecast – PC mirroring to Samsung smart TV

If you are looking for another way, then you can also move ahead with Chromecast. Well, this could be the plug-in device which will be helpful to turn your device into receiver at any time. It is also compatible with most of the different devices. At the same time, it is also mainly used as Smart TV. Now, the thing is you can cast the videos from PC to TV. When it comes to buy a small dongle, then it is possible to get it from any store. Now, make sure to follow all the steps for Samsung screen mirroring pc process without skipping it.

  • At first, you need to setup the chromecast device and proceed further to plug it to TV as well as power outlet in order to enable it.
  • On your PC, it is necessary to download the Google Chrome browser. In case, if you have, then make sure to tap on the menu icon and choose “cast” by following the respective options.
  • By following the new window, then it is important for you to drop down “cast to” and make sure to select between “Cast desktop” and “Cast tab”.
  • If the process is done, make sure to tap on the cast icon which is available at the right corner side of your display screen. Now, you need to tap on “Stop” in order to screen mirroring your PC to smart TV.

At the end of the day, these are the main steps that you need to follow for Samsung screen mirroring pc.

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