SeyirTurk Addon – How to install seyirturk Kodi Addon with simple steps

SeyirTurk Addon – How to install seyirturk Kodi Addon with simple steps

seyirTurk is an additional repository that can be added as add-ons in Kodi. This add-on contains more of Turkish contents in them. Meanwhile, we shall discuss few details about Kodi before jumping into the installation of seyirturk Kodi Addon.

Kodi is open source software for streaming music or video contents in any device. The main feature of Kodi is that they can turn any device for example smartphone, tablets, smart television or computer into a set top box which is digital in nature. The users can stream the contents through internet or through local storage too. Moreover, Kodi does not contain a specific app store to download apps thus it provides options to add range of apps in the form of add-ons.

The user interface is quite elegant but at the same time simple. Moreover, the users can quickly browse photos or videos or any podcasts. Additionally, the features are similar when kodi is used in any device but users prefer attaching them in televisions to get a big screen experience.

seyirTurk addon

Available categories in Kodi

The music formats supported in kodi are AAC, OGG and also MP3. Use of smart playlist is also possible. Kodi supports ISO, H.264, 3D formats etc. Moreover, when the user imports the movies, kodi can include trailers or posters to them. With respect to TV shows, kodi allows the user to store the favorite TV shows in the device. Similar to movies, it supports additions of tags or posters along with the episode description and information about actors. Additionally, the users can import the photos into the library and view them as slide show. Finally, in case of television, kodi offers live streaming and recording with the help of other support services like MediaPortal. The categories available in the kodi portal are Music, Videos, TV, Pictures, Add-ons, Favorites etc.

Kodi is compatible with android os, Linux, Windows and even Raspberry Pi. To make kodi compatible with iOS, the phone must be jailbroken. Further, kodi supports variety of add-ons that enhances the user experience. Add-ons may be anything from a custom theme, screen saver, weather apps, TV channels like ABC family, DIY Network etc. Moreover, Kodi supports most of the generic remote that comes with the television.

The add-ons are provided from external or third party services. Thus, when using kodi add-ons, security issues or legality under question. Nevertheless, the add-ons must be added after properly reading the reviews about them. Furthermore, a device is termed as illicit when it is used to watch contents without the created owner’s permission. The user needs to take care while adding any new add-on to Kodi. Moreover, the user is responsible to comply with the laws enforced in their country regarding the use of illegal add-ons.

Description about seyirturk Kodi Addon

The seyirturk add-on for Kodi supports enormous contents in Turkish language. The categories present in the add-ons are Film kutusu, IPTV, Radyolar etc.  Film kutusu means Film categories, Radyolar stands for radio. Along with watching films, or playing radio, many more media contents like sports, live tv etc are also supported in this seyirturk add-on.  Furthermore, IPTV category has many Turkish channels in it. A sub category namely Hasbahca IPTV is present. This sub category contains a big list of IPTV channels from other countries.

Installation steps for seyirturk kodi add-on

For seyirturk kodi add-on, the installation steps are given below. Make sure to follow all the steps without skipping it.

  • Download the seyirTurk repository file found as zip from a good trustworthy third party website.
  • Save the downloaded seyirTurk add-on repository file in any of the devices.
  • Open the kodi in the device and click on the Add-ons present in the category bar.
  • Choose Video add-ons from the set.
  • Choose install from zip file and select the seyirturk kodi add-on repository file.
  • Wait for the add-on to get installed. You are now ready to use this seyirTurk add-on in Kodi.


Kodi provides good resource of add-ons available for user to use in their device. seyirTurk add-on is one of the leading add-ons used in Turkey to enjoy numerous features as discussed above. Furthermore, you will also be going to get the features which are often updated. When it comes to installation process, you need to follow all the steps for the smoother experience at any time.

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