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Shareit for PC/Laptop【Windows 7/8/8.1/10】

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Shareit for PC: Shareit is one of the best and most used cross-platform data sharing tool which can let you share all types of files between all your devices without any extra cost.  Earlier giant companies forced you to buy cloud storages to sync your data, but it is now over. In Earlier days, Shareit was launched as an Android-only app. As it crossed over 100 million userbases, Developers discharged Shareit for all the platforms like iPhones now on Windows devices too. Also, Shareit for PC offering for the people.

SHAREit for Windows 8/8.1 [Latest Version] is one of the most stable releases. Well, it will let you share files to all the devices from your windows pc over local WiFi hotspot without no extra charges. Yes, you heard it right, it will allow you to connect all your smartphones and laptops over a single hotspot, and all can share files for free. Shareit works completely integrated with Wifi, create a hotspot and invite your friends to join. Shareit For PC has nothing to do with the internet, so data charges are not going to burn a hole in your pocket. After the developers received lots of feedback and suggestions for Shareit windows edition, they finally released.

Shareit for PC

Is it safe to use Shareit for PC?

We have seen many people cautious about using SHAREit for Windows 10 [32/64 Bit]. Well till date, it is holding a reputation of being one of the safest systems to share files also no malware is detected any antivirus. It has some of the greatest minds behind the development of the app. If you are afraid of transferring some sensitive documents or files, then you can always use the secure option. SHAREit v4.0 for PC [Latest Version] will create an SSL channel to transfer your data. SSL is an extra layer of security which makes sure no one can eavesdrop on your connection and transfer.

What kinds of files can we share?

SHAREit v4.0 for PC [Latest Version] supports almost all kinds of files be it videos, songs, photos, compressed files or any other documents. Shareit for PC supports a wide range of files, and the best part is, how extensive your data may be. For information, it takes a few seconds to transfer over all types of devices you own.

How to share an entire folder?

It is not available for other transfer apps like xender but not in the case of SHAREit for Windows 7 [32/64 Bit],  you can share entire folders with few clicks via programmer’s File Explorer, and you will find the same folder in your shared device after few moments.

Can someone else connect my shareit without my permission ?

No, it is not possible without a human error, one can able to receive your files unless you choose to share with them. No one can obtain your files unless you let them into your hotspot.

How Shareit transfer files?

Shareit for PC uses the WiFi technology to share your files over a secure hotspot, and so your data are transferred in a p2p (Person 2 Person) method. It is also what makes it the fastest cross-platform application to transfer files wirelessly. As per our test, it was working much faster than Bluetooth as well as NFC with an average speed of over 100mbps  and we shared Gbs of data within 15 minutes. Needless to say SHAREit for Windows 10 [32/64 Bit] 50 times faster than Bluetooth as well as NFS transfers.

What is the size limit for sharing files?

SHAREit for Windows 8/8.1 [Latest Version] allows you to share all types of files over multiple devices without any limit on file size. So you don’t have to worry about the scale while sharing, still keep in mind that larger files will take more time to transfer as compared with smaller files, so your patience is essential.

Where you find all the shared files?

Shared files usually stored in the received folder of the smartphone memory or documents in your Windows Desktop. You will find all your transferred data in default folder unless you change the directory in the Shareit Settings. If you are unable to find, you better check the file location from the transfer record.

Does it need data connection?

Shareit app entirely works on a Wifi connection, so there is no chance of data usage.  You can use it wherever you want with or without an internet connection, but there will be no compromise on transfer speed.

How Shareit works in Android?

We are well aware of how time wasting it is, to share files via Bluetooth and SHAREit for Windows 7 [32/64 Bit] is first of its kind to make this job simple. Bluetooth is once in a while snappy; more often than not the documents battles to be transferred over at moderate rates. The majority of that is past! SHAREit is here to spare us from the wretchedness. For more details, you can check out here to know more about this app.

SHAREit will never let you down when it comes for moving massive files over a secure Wifi Network with the speed of lightning. It will create a secure Hotspot to share your assets also ensures no one can snoop into your data which makes the process fast and easy.

We’re expecting you’ve installed the SHAREit App for Android as of now. Well at that point, here are the complete procedure and your videos, TV shows and MP3’s will fly over to your companions’ Android device in mere seconds.

  • First of all, make sure your devices have the Shareit lastest version.
  • Connect your smartphones and PC to the same Wifi Hotspot.
  • From the sharing device, click on the SEND icon and choose the files you want to share.
  • Make sure you have selected all the files, now tap on click or Next to send.
  • The Devices where you want to receive, click on the receive button and the recipient device should appear on the screen of the sender’s device.
  • Now select the recipient device from the sender’s device to start sending.

Connect your smartphone to Pc via Hotspot

  • To connect your PC or laptop and Smartphone, first of all, add them to the same Wifi Hotspot.
  • Run the Shareit App in your PC and tap to show the QR code.
  • Now Open the Share app in your Smartphone and choose Connect to PC, then Scan to Connect.
  • Now scan the QR code displayed on the computer screen, and they will be connected in a few moments.

How to Connect via Computer’s Hotspot?

  • Open the Shareit app on your PC, and it will display the hotspot name. Now click on the PC name, at the left corner to see the password.
  • Now in your smartphone, connect the hotspot in the pc then launch the Shareit app, open the main menu and select the Connect to PC.
  • Now it will find and connect to the Pc itself.

Connect your PC Via Smartphone’s Hotspot

  • Open Shareit on your Android or iPhone device.
  • Go to the main menu and tap on the Receive button.
  • Now click on Connect to PC, and it will ask permission to create a hotspot.
  • Once it creates a hotspot, it will show the hotspot name of the screen.
  • On your computer, connect to the mobile hotspot and open the app.
  • Now your computer will show up on the Smartphone’s radar screen, so click on it to set up the connection.
  • Now you can start share files and even access folders on the PC remotely with the support of Shareit for PC.

Connect via LAN

  • Add both your smartphone and Pc in the same Wifi Network.
  • Open the ShareIt in your PC and click on ” show Qr Code.”
  • Go to the Shareit app in your smartphone and click on Receive.
  • Now tap on Connect to pc and choose ” Scan to Connect.”

Troubleshooting common issues

Unable to add your friends?

It can happen in some cases that your app won’t identify your companions’ smartphone. So what’s the exit plan?  Well as your friend is unable to connect your device better, you try to connect your device from your friend’s device. If you can do, then try sending some files from your friend’s phone to your phone. Its the way how you ensure you are on the same network and there are no possible hardware issues. If it goes well, retries sending files the same way.

Why my Shareit is slow

The best reason your SHAREit scrape exchange backs off is if your WiFi is frail or if the WiFi arrange is being utilized by another person also. No compelling reason to get individuals off the WiFi, however. You can disengage your WiFi and SHAREit will turn your device into a hotspot to which your companion can find and connect. Therefore, you get a quick document exchange in addition to a private system. Furthermore, it won’t cost you your data either!

I am unable to find shared files

By default, all your data is placed in a folder named “SHAREit” in your phone memory. Shareit for PC allows you to choose the folder where you can keep your files. You can do it by going to settings and select the folder of your choice.

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