June 14, 2024

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TutuApp iOS – Download & Install TutuApp for iOS on iPhone/iPad/iPod

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A large number of apps and apps stores have been developed over a past few years which have added more in enhancing the user experience. If we talk about TutuApp is one of the most popular names in the field of app market today which have surprisingly grab a topmost position in the market today. It is one of the finest app stores which have enabled you to download various premium apps absolutely for free and that too without costing anything. And the best part is that you don’t need to add your Apple ID or any other kind of key to install it. This wonderful app is easily available in two forms; Helper & TutuApp VIP. Helper is the free version of this app whereas the TutuApp VIP is the paid version.

Installing third-party app marketplace such as TutuApp on to your iOS device will enable you to access thousands of apps, games, screen recorders which you surely not going to get on your App Store. Moreover, it also offers you the facility of downloading various tweaks, hacked games and much more without having any trouble. We are going to tell you about various features and installation guide of this wonderful app.

Features of TutuApp: –

TutuApp is a third party app store for your iOS device which is basically developed by a Chinese based company. It is one of the best alternatives for your Apple App Store which had enabled you to download various paid apps as well on your iOS devices without paying any charges for that. Some of the main key features of this wonderful app store are:

· TutuApp is an absolutely free app store for which you don’t need to pay anything.
· You don’t need to use your Apple ID or any other key there to go along with.
· You can easily get most of the paid apps of your app store without paying a cost.
· It includes various built-in features such as cache cleaners and mobile scanners.
· The best part of this wonderful app market is that you don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device and hence one of the securest and safest app markets to go along with.
· It includes different modified applications on its stores as well.
· It offers a huge range of applications and games to choose along with and that too with a very smooth user-friendly interface.
· Yet it is a Chinese language but still being updated in English and hence easy to work on.
· It is available for both free as well as premium versions.

How to install TutuApp for iOS devices?

Downloading and installation of TutuApp for iOS devices is not so tough to go along with. You can easily do it just by following the step by step procedure given below:

· Launch your Safari web browser and search for the option of URL: TuTuApp VIP

· Once done; a new home page will be loaded on your home screen showing two options: VIP and Regular / Free.

· Just tap on the option of Regular / Free to install the TutuApp on your device for free.

· On the next page click on the option of “Download Now” option.

· Once done successfully with the entire process; tap on the “Install” option to complete the installation process of TutuApp on your iOS device.

· On the completion of installation process; you can easily access it in further by just pressing on the app icon.

· Once you have done with the installation process; next you need to trust the profile so as to allow secure authentication. If you will not do so you are surely going to receive the message “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” during runtime. Here are the steps to trust the profile.

· Go to the Settings option of your iOS device and then head towards the option of General.

· Once done now select the General option followed by Profiles & Device Management.

· Search and select the enterprise profile for TutuApp.

· Press on Trust it which will further enable you to run Tutuapp on your iOS device without any problem.

Conclusion: –

TutuApp is one of the finest third party marketplaces available in the market which no other can easily reach. This app store includes a huge collection of incredible applications and games. The best part it is user-friendly which everyone can easily operate on.

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