4 Different Types Of Web Hosting Server- Mostly Used

4 Different Types Of Web Hosting Server- Mostly Used

Web hosting helps you to take your website to the online platform. There are plenty of web hosting available that you can choose from to get help in managing your online business. You can choose a web server as per you and your business need. Web hosts provide you the space on the server, which you can use for various purposes. It helps in the smooth running of your business website.

Mainly there are four types of web hosting shared hosting, virtual private server hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting. There are the various best web hosting in India that provide you this web hosting. Now let’s talk about their features and the services they provide you to choose one.

Shared hosting

It is a very cost-effective and primary type server. If you are running a small business, then you can go with this server. As it is straightforward to understand by its name, the server will be shared by many users. This is also the reason why this server is cheap than the other. It would be best if you chose this only when the traffic to your website is significantly less. If the traffic of your website is increasing, then you should not go with this hosting. It is an excellent choice for beginners also.

Virtual private server hosting

This hosting is a step above the shared hosting. In this, you also have to share the server with others, but here the number of websites sharing the server is significantly less than shared hosting. In this hosting service, you have an option that you can choose the settings that you like and change according to your demand. You need not go to the provider to change the server’s setting. It also provides you with a fast loading speed. It has a high frequency of data.

Dedicating hosting

it is the most expensive hosting. This is because the server entirely belongs to you, no one sharing the server with you. It increases the speed of the loading. You have complete control over the server. It is more secure as no one can access the server without your permission. In dedicated hosting, you can choose the configuration, software, and other things. The traffic on your website will also not impact the performance of your website

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Cloud hosting

it is a hybrid version of VPS. It offers you a high level of security, proper resources whenever you need them. This hosting is offered to you at different prices as per the feature you require. It means that you are paying for only those things that you are using. The best option for a medium and large business entity. All best web hosting in India provides you the service of cloud hosting.


So above mention is the four most used servers by the various business entities. Also, you might have heard about these servers from someone, but you don’t know what exactly they are? By reading this, you will get a brief introduction about these servers it features and whether they are suitable for you or not. For which entity they are suitable for.

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