How to Unpin a Text Message on iPhone

How to Unpin a Text Message on iPhone

How to Unpin a Text Message on iPhone for Quick Access

We’ve all been there. We’re scrolling through our text messages and we see one that we want to respond to, but we don’t have time right then and there. So we pin it so that we can come back to it later. But what happens if you change your mind? You might not want to have that message taking up precious space on your home screen. In this blog post, we will show you how to unpin a text message on iPhone so that you can free up some space!

Where is the pin on iPhone messages?

The pin icon can be found in your message list or by tapping on a particular conversation thread with someone else (like if they sent you an important text about something). Once inside that thread, look for three dots next to their name at top corner of the interface then tap once more until โ€œPinโ€ appears as one of those options again; confirm selection after which point any previous conversations will appear below new pinned chat(s) so don’t worry too much about losing anything important. This option works best when there’s only a few messages between both people instead of an entire conversation history.

What does it mean to pin a text message?

When you pin a text message, the conversation is moved to the top of your Messages app and stays there until you decide otherwise. It’s like putting post-it notes on your fridge that says “cook dinner” or “buy groceries,” except these are reminders from friends about upcoming events! You can also use pins for important conversations with clients at work so that they don’t get lost in all of your other chats. If you have an iPhone running iOS 14 or later, then this feature should be available to use right now! Just go into any conversation thread within messages (or create one if necessary) and look for three dots next to their name at the top corner: tap this menu item once and select “Pin” from there! If you’re running iOS 13 or earlier, though, then these steps might help:

-Open Messages on your device and find the conversation that contains messages you want to pin. -Long press (or tap) on one of those messages until a gray checkmark appears next to it. Tap more if necessary until all desired ones are selected too! You can also swipe left across each message individually before tapping Pin at top right corner; however, the first option is faster because it automatically selects multiple items in succession without having to go back through previous chats again. This method won’t work with group conversations though so be sure they’re only between two people before trying out either way mentioned

-Tap the pin icon in the top right corner of the selected messages. This will “pin” them to the top of your message list and they’ll remain there until you unpin them! -To unpin a text message, go back into that conversation thread like before and find the three dots next to their name at the top corner: tap this menu item once and select “Unpin” from there!

-When you’re done, just press the home button to return your device’s main screen.

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How to unpin a Text Message on iPhone?

The steps are very similar to the way you pinned in the first place. When you unpin a message that particular chat will disappear from your message list below everything else so it doesn’t take up unnecessary space anymore.
First, open the text message that you want to unpin.

Then, tap and hold on the conversation bubble until it starts shaking.

Finally, tap the “Unpin” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

The text message will now be removed from your home screen, but it will still be stored in your messages app. You can always find it by opening the app and scrolling down to the “Pined” conversations.

If you ever want to pin a text message again, just follow these same steps and tap the “Pin” button instead of the “Unpin” button. Happy texting! ๐Ÿ™‚

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