What is Managed Cloud VPS?

What is Managed Cloud VPS?

Managed cloud hosting is a method of sharing and accessing resources, such as databases, hardware, and software tools, across a remote network via several servers in another place. It is considered a type of cloud computing because it accesses these resources through the internet. The advantages of managed cloud hosting are that it is less expensive and more accessible, in addition to being secure, reliable, and scalable.

Many different types of businesses use managed cloud hosting for their software. These include game developers who need online multiplayer capabilities or media companies who rely on video streaming for their content delivery. Many e-commerce sites also use this technology for inventory management or order fulfilment services by connecting one or more warehouses to the network via an API.

What is Managed Cloud VPS?

It is a type of cloud hosting that operates using virtual private servers (VPS). It has a VPS package as well as additional services offered to make it more convenient for the customers. It allows customers to have managed cloud hosting by allowing them to rent a server provided by the company.

Managed cloud VPS hosting has been around for years, however it is still a bit out of the norm. This is because many small businesses are afraid of installing and maintaining their own servers because it can be complicated and technical.  There are many companies which offer managed cloud VPS as an option for people who do not have time or the knowledge to run their own servers.

There are 4 types of VPS hosting;

Which one you choose depends on your business needs and budget. You need to consider your usage requirement for the server which you are planning to purchase. Here’s how:

Memo Free – This type of a VPS can be able to host 1 application or website with up to 3GB RAM and don’t need any type of special configuration on the server or anything else. You will never be able to make adjustments to the server, but you will have a choice of Linux or Windows as the operating system.

Semi-Dedicated – If you are looking for a server with higher RAM and processing power which can be able to support multiple websites or applications at the same time, then this is the service for you. It comes with 5GB RAM and can be upgraded up to 128GB RAM.

Dedicated – For clients who require the best performance and don’t care about budget, then dedicated VPS is the best choice. It comes with 1TB of HDD as well as 128GB RAM. A dedicated VPS is your own, private server which you can make all the necessary adjustments to suit your needs, such as add or remove memory or disk space whenever you want.

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Hybrid – A hybrid cloud system is composed of both a private and public cloud. With this type of system, customers will have access to all features available in a public cloud but at a more reasonable price compared to using just one service alone. Benefits that come with using a hybrid cloud system are scalability, flexibility, accessibility and high availability.

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