February 25, 2024

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Why Windows OLD folder and how can I delete the folder?

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delete windows.old folder

Have you recently upgraded your Windows to Windows10? Have you ever wondered what exactly happened to the previous version of your Windows? If not yet, think twice at once. Where do the old windows exactly go? Does it get deleted forever? Surely not. The previously installed Windows never get erased from your device. So where did they exactly go?The old versions of Windows automatically restore into a system folder named known as Windows OLD folder.

delete windows.old folder

The main reason behind the auto addition of previous Windows is for safety purpose especially in case if the upgraded goes wrong or fail. Also, the restored file makes it easy for you to keep the backup copy so that to roll back into the previous ones if required. To gather more similar kind of issues, you can follow here.

How to delete Windows.OLD from your device?

Solution 1: Using Storage Sense Settings

It is one of the most natural methods to delete the Windows.OLD folder from your device. All you need to do is:

  • Open Settings option of your device and then move forward with the System option.
  • Next, make a click on Storage and then proceed forward with the Storage Sense section.
  • Once done successfully, now click on Change how we free up space automatically option.
  • Go to the Free up Space Now section, and then tap on Delete Previous Version of Windows option.
  • Once done with the entire process successfully, press Clean Now option to allow the deletion process.
  • When you have successfully over with the above process successfully, you will find that the related folder has been deleted from your device.

Solution 2: Using Temporary Files Settings

If you have successfully done with the above process and still didn’t have have the perfect solution for it, this solution will help you lot in the same.

  • Click on the Settings option and then follow further to the System with list.
  • Press Storage and then go to the Storage Sense section being present there.
  • Once done, now click the Free up Space Now option.
  • Now check the option of Previous Windows installation option and then clear the default section being provided there.
  • Once done, click the Remove files button to confirm the deletion. It will delete the Windows OLD folder option from your device permanently.

Solution 3: Using Cleanup

  • Launch File Explorer on your device.
  • Press on the This PC option and then go to the Devices and services section.
  • Make a right click on the Drive with the Windows 10 installation option.
  • Select the Properties option and then head towards the General tab option being present over there.
  • Make a click on Cleanup System files button and then check the Previous Windows installation option.
  • Clear the default selected option.
  • Press OK to confirm the condition and then select Delete Files button to confirm the deletion process.
  • Once done, now press the YES button to confirm the warning made over there.


Since Windows OLD folder that holds the previous version of your Windows, still, it is safe to delete it as well to free the space on your Windows. Furthermore, enjoy the discussed solutions to get this app permanently deleted from your device.

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