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Fix Chrome Error: Your connection is not private with different solutions

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Solve chrome error

Sometimes while surfing on the internet we usually get an error showing that your connection is not private. This sort of error occurs when we are using some personal or sensitive information on the internet and our connection may cause leakage of the data we are using. If our data is easily accessible for leakage then it becomes very helpful for the hackers to misuse the information.

Solve chrome error

The error of “connection is not private” arises because of the insecure connection between the system and the server. Furthermore, if the SSL certificate is expired then also this error may occur. There is another issue that may cause this error that is you have opened a web page that starts from https, not with HTTP.  Well, these are the issues due to which “the connection is not a private” error occurs. Now the question is that is there any solution to this problem?

Furthermore, in this whole world, every problem has an appropriate answer or solution. Hence to solve this problem there is a proper solution that we are sharing here.

Change the time and date of the system

The first step you can do to get rid of the error is to change the time and date of the system and set it to the accurate time. Sometimes due to the incorrect date and time, the error of insecure connection occurs. If you don’t know how to set the date and time then here are the steps. First of all, you need to go to the date and time icon of the system and then need to right click on it. However, you can even visit here to get a solution for fixing the error.

Set date and time

Now select adjust date and time option that will appear in the window. Not change the time if it is not correct. Moreover, you do not need to change the time only but also that time zone must be chosen properly. Thereafter you need to refresh your system and then open the web page through the Chrome browser again. If the error was occurring due to the time issue then it will get resolved and you will not see the error again like your connection is not private.

If still, the problem is persisting then here is the second solution you can try:

Clear all the cache and cookies from the Chrome

This is also a great option to choose if you are getting a connection is not a private error in your window. Sometimes due to so many cookies storage, the Chrome browser starts showing the error. Furthermore, if you have also not clear the cache from the windows for a long time then this is error can also occur. In order to delete the cache files from the system, you are requiring to go to Chrome and open the settings by hitting on the three dots available in the vertical side of the screen.

Thereafter you need to go to the settings and then select advanced settings. After scrolling down the page you will see a Tab as Clear browsing data. Hit on the tab and then you will see several options regarding data clearance. Select cookies and other site data and cached images and files option.  After selecting the options you need to hit on clear data tab given below. Once the data is deleted you need to refresh the system and then proceed towards the website again. We hope after completing this step you will not get the same error again.

Terminate Chrome Tasks

You can follow to terminate the error your connection is not private is terminating Chrome tasks. In this, you need to open the command prompt window by typing CMD in the start menu. Thereafter in the CMD window, you need to type command.

TASKKILL /IM chrome.exe /

Once you are done all the task running in the Chrome will terminate automatically. Now you can easily open your web browser and start searching.

Adding “-ignore-certificate-errors” in Chrome Shortcut

The last you can try to get rid of the error like your connection is not private is creating a Chrome shortcut through which you can easily ignore the certification error. The shortcut will also help you in getting an error free and safe browsing. For this, you need to right click on the desktop shortcut of Chrome thereafter you are required to go to the properties option. In the properties hit on the target section and then add the “-ignore-certificate-errors” with the text.

Once you are done it on the apply button.  Thereafter you need to press the ok tab also. After completing the steps given close the window and then open the webpage again. If you follow the process carefully and completely then you will get error free web browsing.

Hence these are some of the best methods you can try to get rid of the Chrome Error: Your connection is not private.

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